Tennessee Native American Indian & Related Organizations

An incomplete historical catalog of Native American and Native-American-related organizations in Tennessee
Personal names listed are known organizational leaders.
This listing does not legitimize organizations nor necessarily condone their activities.

BEWARE of Cultural Identity Theft --
-- the claiming/taking of tribal identity and customs without tribal permission.

Several organizations in Tennessee claim to be affiliated to existing historic tribes of Tennessee that were 'removed' from the state. Be advised: there are no federally- or state-recognized tribes in Tennessee and there is no public record of any group continuing to exist as a tribe or clan in the state of Tennessee after the Cherokee Removal of 1838. Only two organizations in Tennessee are affiliated with federally-recognized tribes: the Choctaw community in Lauderdale County north of Memphis (Mississippi Band of Choctaw) and the Muscogee "Creek" Nation Citizens of the Southeast and Tennessee (Muscogee/Creek Nation). Two other intertribal organizations in the state have a majority of members from federally-recognized tribes on their boards: the Native American Indian Association of Tennessee and the United South and Eastern Tribes (USET).

Six groups in Tennessee have claimed to be state-recognized tribes. The action taken in june 2010 by the now-defunct state Commission of Indian Affairs to recognize the six culture clubs without any public supporting documentation was determined by the state Attorney General to be invalid.
Any claim by these groups to be a tribe or clan in Tennessee is historically false and fraudulent.

Before you get involved in any of these groups ...
Ask for the group's public documented history at any public library or on the web, and ask your local librarian and history teachers to verify the group's claims before you give the group your belief and money.
Ask federally- or state-recognized tribes for validation of the group and what they think about Tennessee groups claiming tribal affiliation with them.

All oversights, transgressions, misspellings, errors are my own.
Would like your help, especially with missing groups, websites & email addresses.
Please help correct any errors you may find or missing orgs or notification of orgs that no longer exist. thanks. ;>

caveat: The vast majority of these groups do not meet the state's
1990 recognition criteria for "Native American Indian Organizations".

bold letters =confirmed or known to exist as of january 1999.
* = organizations involved in specific NA issues (culture clubs)
though not specifically NA by composition.

  1. Advisory Council on Tennessee Indian Affairs (ACTIA) (2002- )
    formerly known as the "Tennessee Indian Affairs Advisory Council"
    initial supporters of the TN Native American Convention democratic process and the proposed TN Commission of Indian Affairs

  2. Alabama-Tennessee Trail of Tears Commemorative Ride - see Trail of Tears Commemorative Ride

  3. Alliance for Native American Indian Rights ANAIR (1989-2010)
    www.anairtn.org   anair   ...   website & email down 2010
    "an intertribal organization dedicated to preserving and protecting Native American burial grounds and other culturally significant sites"
    past presidents: Don Yahola, Toye Heape, Pat Cummins, Rhetta Sapp, current: Mark Cantrell (mark(at)arrowheadsurvey.com)

  4. American Cherokee Confederacy, Inc. (2001- )
    Albany GA; Ronald Walks, McEween TN

  5. American Indian Affairs of Tennessee (Choctaw) (1986-2005)
    Freeman Robinson; Cubert Bell Sr, President (see Chucalissa Museum); Harry R. Thompson, 260 Choctaw Circle, Henning TN 38041, 901/ 738-2968

  6. American Indian Alliance
    Bill "Standing Arrow" Riffey, 269 Cline Road NE, Cleveland TN 37317, 423/ 476 7578

  7. American Indian Association of Millington (1988- )
    Chairman: Selena Tant, Box 775, Millington TN 38083, (just north of Memphis) 901/ 377 0613
    Jimmie Thigpen 2010

  8. American Indian Center Employment & Training Program
    1161 Murfreesboro Pike, Suite 508, Nashville TN 37217-2245
    Kathy Noyes, Coordinator, 615/ 360 8003

  9. American Indian Issues of TN (1dec2004-6dec2005)
    disc.server.com/Indices/226436.html web message board, Jack 'Soco' Cody: snugbull.1@netzero.net and snugbull@aol.com

  10. American Indian Outreach Program, helping the homeless
    Albert Bender, outreach o 615/ 837.1376   m-f, 8-5
    assoc. w/Buffalo Valley

  11. American Indian Registry Organization - AIRO (august 2004)
    anonymous/pugzaj@yahoo.com :
    We propose a new Internet-based list. The list would be privately owned and moderated by an enrolled American Indian citizen who resides outside of this state [Tennessee]. This list would be open to anyone who confirms their citizenship in a recognized American Indian sovereign nation. Because the list would be owned and moderated by a neutral party from outside the state, the list would only be used to disseminate information and to educate those tribal citizens who desire to be a part of this process.

  12. Ani-KwataNi Mission of Chickamauga Cherokee (1996-98)
    dragincanu Mark Norman aka "Red Owle"/'Ugaku Gigege' aka 'LordShiva', Chattanooga

  13. Aniywiyai Native People
    Darryl Earls, Box 3537, Cleveland TN 37320, 423/ 339 3744

  14. Aniyunweya Nation of Indigenous Native Indians of Tennessee (1997?-2002- )
    Grady Jones, President, 8059 Maple Street, Lyles TN 37098, 931/ 670 5465, 1-800-303-5805

  15. Appalachian Confederated Tribes (2006-07)
    Lee Vest, Kingsport - news article
    (see also "Remnant Yuchi Nation")
    frauds. not tribes, not a tribe

  16. Appalachian Intertribal Heritage Association (2003-06)
    2788 Pinehurst Street, Appalachia VA 24216, Lee Vest, Kingsport TN, chairman of Tribal Affairs

  17. BIA Area Office / Bureau of Indian Affairs Eastern Regional Office (2000- )
    Bureau of Indian Affairs, Eastern Agency, 711 Stewart Ferry Pike, Nashville TN 37214, 615-467-1700
    serving Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Connecticut, Maine, New York, Mississippi, North Carolina

  18. Bull Run Singers

  19. Central Band of Cherokee (2000- ) aka "Cherokee of Lawrence County"
    "Chief" Joe Harlan White, 1 Public Square, Lawrenceburg TN 38464
    group mythology based on the "1806 Congressional Reservation" of Chickasaw lands.
    culture club, fake, fraudulently recognized by the TCIA 19june2010.
    not Native American Indian, not a tribe.

  20. Chakchiuma Sektchi Clan (2011- ), Jackson TN
    "Chakchiuma Sektchi Washitaw Clan is an American Indian Tribe with the Empire Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Nation ...
    located in Memphis, Tennessee (Tenasuh), but their ancestral history is all over the United States of America (Amexem-Atlan).""
    see also "Native tribe serves papers to the law" & "American Indians in Jackson Take Law Into Own Hands" august 2011
    [The real Chakchiuma is an extinct tribe that disappeared before the founding of the United States of America.]
    [media were contacted pointing out the error of calling this unknown, unrecognized group a tribe.]

  21. Chattanooga Indigenous Resource Center and Library - CIRCL [501(c)3] (1999- )
    PO Box 4278 . Chattanooga TN 37405 / 423. 756.4555
    www.moccasinbend.org/circl/, started by Vicky Karhu, Executive Director, & John Anderson

  22. Chattanooga InterTribal Association CITA [501(c)4] (1993- ) www.moccasinbend.org/cita/
    email: CITA started by John Anderson, Mohawk/Anishinabe, Alva Crowe, Eastern Band of Cherokee, & Nancy Crowe, Cherokee descendant
    209 Morningside Drive, Chattanooga TN 37404, 423. 781.0197
    reclaimed Moccasin Bend in 1994 and began patrols, started Native American Reserve Force (NARF) w/Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, defended preservation of Little Cedar Mountain, caretaking Chattanooga's mounds

  23. Cherokee & Other Native American Descendants (2003-04)
    Hamilton County, Frank Ellison, 5804 Grasshopper Road, PO Box 71, Birchwood TN 37308

  24. Cherokee of Lawrence County aka Central Band of Cherokee (2000- )
    Cherokee's of Lawrence County Tennessee, aka Sugar Creek Band of SECCI
    Joe Harlan White, 393 Rabbit Trail Road, Leoma TN 38468
    "Principal Chief" Joe 'Sitting Owl' White, email: joe_white-msn.com
    culture club, fake tribe, fraudulently recognized by the TCIA 19june2010.
    not Native American Indian, not a tribe.

  25. Cherokee Wolf Clan (2003- ) aka Cherokee Wolf Clan Universal Life Church (2003-2004)
    aka Cherokee Wolf Clan Native American Church (2003- )
    www.cherokeewolfclan.net, newspaper article / "Tribal Office", 16370 Hwy 424, Yuma TN 38390
    "Principal Chief" Joseph 'Manycoats' Walters 731. 986.9166 josephmanycoats-cherokeewolfclan.org
    sells indian recognition and membership in a "clan" (was $35, now $100/year) for personal profit.
    attempted to get state recognition of his "tribe" by going around the state Commission of Indian Affairs and hitting up all the
    counties in the state to "recognize" his group.   co-opted TN Native American day for his own group, claimed to have started it.
    sold "tribal enrollment cards" & "CDIB certificates" to anybody who paid.
    culture club, fake tribe, fraudulently recognized by the TCIA 19june2010.
    not Native American Indian, not a tribe.

  26. Chickamauga Circle Free Cherokee
    Marty Lanis, Box 8113, Chattanooga TN 37414-0113

  27. Chikamaka-Cherokee Band of the South Cumberland Plateau Region, Inc (2001-2009)
    Box 998, Tracy City TN 37387 www.chikamaka-cwy.org
    James Everett Meeks, Vice-Chief (Acting Chief)
    open to persons who can trace their American Indian heritage back to 1900 and earlier to lineal ancestors who occupied one of the following six Tennessee counties: Grundy, Marion, Warren, Sequatchie, Coffee, Franklin.
    changed name in 2009 to:
    Chikamaka Cultural Preservation Corporation aka Chikamaka Band (2009- ) [note: "Cherokee" dropped from name]
    culture club, fake tribe, fraudulently recognized by the TCIA 19june2010.
    not Native American Indian, not a tribe.

  28. Chota Nation, Cherokee Descendants (2004- )
    Maynard "White Hawk" Thompson, Principal Chief
    190 J McCauley Road, Sweetwater TN 37874 / 423. 337.7282

  29. Chucalissa Museum
    1987 Indian Village Drive, Memphis TN 38109
    901-785-3160 . cas.memphis.edu/chucalissa/index.html

  30. Confederation of Tennessee Native Tribes - CTNT (november 2007 - 2009)
    the "Remnant Yuchi Nation" (formerly "Appalachian Confederated Tribes") (Lee 'Not Yuchi' Vest), the "Upper Cumberland Cherokee" aka "United Eastern Lenape Nation" (Herstle 'Sba8a' Cross), the "Chikamaka-Cherokee of the South Cumberland Plateau" (James 'Vice Chief' Meeks), the "Central Band of Cherokee" aka the "Cherokee of Lawrence County" (Joe 'Sitting Owl' White), the "Cherokee Wolf Clan" (Joe 'Many Coats' Walters), the "Tanasi Council of the Far Away Cherokee" (Alice 'Chieftess' Henry), the "Native Cultural Circle" (Doug 'Redbeard' Kirby) and the American Indian Association of Millington (Jimmie Thigpen).
    culture club, fake tribe, fraudulently recognized by the TCIA 19june2010.
    not Native American Indian, not a tribe.

  31. Council for Native American Music (2003-08)
    Arvel Bird, Nashville

  32. Cumberland Creek Indian Confederation
    (no info on them apart from being listed as a "non-recognized tribe still seeking recognition.")

  33. Deerclan of East TN, FreeCherokee (2004- )
    Chief Greyfix ThunderCrow - greyfix@deerclan.org, deerclan@deerclan.org, dc-council@deerclan.org
    Scott Clark, 2150 Hines Valley Road, Lenoir TN 37771, 865/ 988-3585 greyfix@charter.net

  34. Eagle Awards
    see Tennessee Native American Eagle Organization below

  35. East Tennessee Indian League (1989- )
    "our primary goal - educating the public about American Indians"
    jrouam, Tim Dean, www.angelfire.com/tn3/etil/welcome.html
    Box 6253, Knoxville TN 37914, 865/ 609-7009 or 865/ 579-1384
    Vickie J.C. Smith, 6900 Coatney Road, Knoxville TN 37920

  36. East Tennessee Intertribal Preservation League
    "dedicated to the preservation of Native American rights, burial grounds, and the keeping alive of our sacred customs, heritage, histories and traditions."
    www.etipl.com / Jim Yellow Eagle jyelloweagle 865/ 448-6356
    meets every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm at the Faith Lutheran Church, 239 Jamestown Blvd, Knoxville TN, 865/ 966-9626

  37. East Tennessee Native American Alliance (2004- )
    aka East TN Native American Indian Council (2005- )
    another bogus organization created by Carl Whitaker (see also "Native American Indian Movement" and "Mother Earth First" and "Tennessee Volunteer Minutemen")
    ... "The National American Indian Movement (NAIM), Crystal River Council of Knoxville, and French Broad River Earth First Group have formed an alliance to work together promoting Native American heritage, culture, and to educate the public on the plight of the Native American. The three groups signed a document creating the alliance, and according to Carl Two Feathers "we are very disatisfied with what the government is doing with issues in the state," said Whitaker. "We have a TN commission on Indina affairs in Nashville, but it has no budget and really doesn't do anything for the Native Americans. By putting the three groups together, we can have larger numbers and maybe be heard."" ...
    October 7, 2004 Vol 2 No. 80 of the Smoky Mountain Herald

  38. East Tennessee Native American Association (1994-96 )
    Tammy Powell, 114 High Street, Calhoun TN 37309

  39. East Tennessee Overhill Cherokee Descendants (2006- )
    Bird Clan. band's chief & spiritual leader: Two Waters Loveheart (Jack Johnson), war chief or head warrior: Greywolf (Chris Bull), medicine man is Walking Buffalo (Jack Johnson Jr.) e_t_o_t_d@yahoo.com, 865-774-5626 or 865-712-8630.

  40. Eastern Cherokee Nation (july 2004 - )
    Chief Bill Wood - chiefbillwood@yahoo.com
    Chattanooga TN

  41. Etowah Cherokee Nation, TN-governor-recognized 1978
    Principal Chief Alvin O. Langdon, Chief of the Etowah Cherokee Nation, resident of Pigeon Forge
    c/o Mr. Hugh Gibbs (Phone Unknown), P.O. Box 5454 (Last Known Address), Cleveland TN 37320-5454
    Letter of Intent to Petition 12/31/1990; no documentation received by the BIA
    certified letter returned undeliverable 10/1997 -
    Gibbs called from Ohio on 19oct2005 to say the group is still alive and active. (No evidence of their group in Tennessee as of this date.)

  42. Faraway Cherokee of Memphis (2008- )
    president Alice Gwin Henry, 2811 Ravenwood Drive, Bartlett 38134
    "established in 1983 by the Cherokee Nation (Eastern and Western Bands) and is the oldest Native American Association in the state of Tennessee." ... simply a 501(c)3 business entity (29mar08)
    Far-Away Cherokee, meets monthly - language/culture/dancing "Cross & Feather", business meetings quarterly, 501(c)3 & 'tribal group'; Diane Gwin, scheduling
    PO Box 11473, Memphis TN 38111 / farawaycherokee@bellsouth.net
    not to be confused with the Tanasi Council of the Far Away Cherokee (2008- ) - "a tribal group", Lee Yambree, "tribal leader"
    previously known as Native American Inter-Tribal Association Inc. (NAIA-Memphis) (1984-97) officially dissolved in 1997 - AHenry 30mar08
    culture club, fake tribe, fraudulently recognized by the TCIA 19june2010.
    not Native American Indian, not a tribe.

  43. Fireside Chat at Audubon Acres (2002 - june 2011)
    3rd Friday evening of every month, 7pm, contact Cleata Townsend, (423) 892-1499, 900 N. Sanctuary Road, Chattanooga

  44. First (1st) Universal Metis Church/TMAT [Tennessee Metis Aboriginal Tribe] (2009- )
    Gilbert J Hall [69 years old, claims Cherokee fullblood], 158 Hester Drive, Dunlap TN 37327
    also in Georgia: First (1st) Universal Metis Church/GMAT (2006-07), 814 Red Clay Ave Apt 1, Dalton GA 30721, 706-529-8815
    Joshua J. Smith, Dalton GA 30720 & Gary Redwine CEO, CFO, Secretary, 813 Red Clay Avenue, Apt. 3, Dalton GA 30721
    not metis, not a tribe

  45. Foundation for the Advancement, Education & Employment of American Indians (1976- )
    "very inactive as we speak, not going to be active for another year or so" - 19nov02
    Tennessee Foundation Headquarters, H Nicholas Johnson, 1259 Windsor Drive, Gallatin TN 37066 (615) 230-8029

  46. Four Winds - "The Inter-Tribal Treatment Program" (2003-05), at Jackson Academy LLC
    222 Church Street, Dickson TN 37055, 615-446-3900
    program director Mike Mangrum

  47. Free Cherokee of Tennessee
    Rt. 2 Box 500, Evensville TN 37332

  48. Free Cherokee Tennessee River Band Chickamauga
    Chief "Standing Bear" Lehr, 158 Pleasant View Rd Jasper TN 37347, 423/ 942 5406

  49. Friends of Moccasin Bend National Park* (1995- ) www.moccasinbendpark.org
    201 Chestnut Street/PO Box 4953, Chattanooga TN 37405 / 423. 785.3030

  50. Friends of the Native Americans (1997-2004)
    Billy G. Barrett, Murfreesboro TN

  51. GWK Society - Grandmothers' Wisdom Keepers (Wincincala Oyasin Society)* (1997)
    To learn, therefore preserve and perpetuate, the old ways of the Native American women, and to pass that wisdom on to others. A program for girls age 18 and under.
    Knoxville www.wisdomkeepers.org/gwk/
    Valerie Brestel-Ohle nagi

  52. Indian Creek Productions, Inc, a non-profit organization dedicated to American Indian education. (2002- )
    Mark and Sherry Finchum 1291 Ashwood Drive, Jefferson City TN 37760, (865) 475-6844

  53. Indian Health Service, Nashville Area
    711 Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville TN 37214-2634, (615) 467-1500

  54. Indian Heritage Council (1988-2004)
    Box 2302, Morristown TN 37816, Louis Hooban, Russellville TN 37860

  55. Indian Ministries of North America (2001- )
    Box 3472, Cleveland TN 37320, (423) 479-9491
    associated with the Lakeview Church of God

  56. Indigenous Inter-Tribal Corp. (2001- )
    created to preserve the rights of American Indians in this state.
    Cookeville area. contact Tommy & Linda Veal iroquois44ahotmail.com

  57. International Indian Dog Owners & Breeders Association
    Pat Cummins, Vice President/Regional Representative
    Hermitage TN 615/ 874-1435 www.iidoba.com
    purpose: to stress the cultural value and importance of preservation for the "Common" or "Plains" Indian Dog, and to promote this rare and primitive dog in a positive light to the general public.

  58. Inter-Tribal Cultural & Education Center, Inc. (1999- )
    Kelly Mayes, Mt Juiet; Rebecca Sutton, Nashville
    mission: to share educational values through our many American Indian Art-Reach programs: The Native Spirit News (615-889-9636) and the Native American Dance Theatre

  59. Intertribal Native American Family
    Carol Patton, John King, 3037 Claysville Road, Crossville TN 38555

  60. Inter-Tribal Sacred Land Trust (2001- )
    1055 Hillcrest Road, Chattanooga TN 37343
    423. 842 7960 . www.itslt.org . Corky Allen

  61. Intertribal Warrior Society aka Tsalagi Warrior Society
    ("Official Native American Honor-Color Guard for the State") (1993-95)
    Jack Brogdon Jr, Commander, Knoxville

  62. Iron Heart Nation (1995-98?)
    Tommy Iron Eagle Brooks (d. 2003), Chattanooga / Collegedale-Ooltewah reburials

  63. Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee (sep 2006- ) on proboards.com
    Moderator: Donna Smith
    Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee (march 2003 - september 2006) on server.com
    Moderator: Donna Smith

  64. Knox Caucus Area of the Tennessee Native American Convention (2004- )
    www.geocities.com/knoxcaucusarea/ . knoxcaucusarea(at)yahoo.com
    Valerie Ohle, Delaware Desc., PO Box 20665, Knoxville, TN 37940 . (865) 609-0574 . nagi(at)wisdomkeepers.org

  65. Lenape Enterprises Inc. (1993- ) non-profit
    [Chief Donna "Laughing Fawn" Marcum], 387 New Light Circle, Winfield TN 37892-7600
    Donna Marcum, 387 New Light Circle, Oneida TN 37841, 423. 569.4960,
    see United Eastern Lenape Nation, Middle Division, Inc. below ...
    not Lenape.

  66. Medicine River Singers drum group
    Medicine River Singers, 1580 Short Road, Pinson TN 38366
    731/ 422-3994 Hawk & Bonnie Redbird James

  67. Memphis N.A.I.A. - see Native American Indian Association of Memphis

  68. Memphis Pow Wow Association (1998-99)
    Larry Orhberg 901/ 375 4877

  69. Memphis Tia Piah Big River Clan (Memphis Tia Piah Warrior Society)
    Jim Reed, Headman, Memphis / Rita Colston 901. 876.5344 RitaSevenFlowers(at)aol.com
    sponsor an annual powwow to benefit the NA scholarship fund at Arkansas State University, sometimes with the American Indian Association of Millington.

  70. Middle Tennessee Indian Lodge
    5276 Murfreesboro Road, Lavergne TN 37086
    Marion Dunn (d 12jun2005), 615/ 793 6980

  71. Middle Tennessee Native American Intertribal Council (2003- )
    Ron 931. 552.4055, Dancing Cloud 931. 503.2469

  72. Middle-Tennessee Pow-Wow Inc. (1998- ) aka Mt. Juliet Pow Wow
    september . Don Yahola Memorial . Cindy Yahola-gallegos, Lebanon 615/ 443-1537

  73. MTSU PowWow aka American Indian Festival (2000- )
    first weekend in march . www.mtsu.edu/~powwow/ Murfreesboro
    Georgia Dennis 615/ 898-5645 / powwow(a)mtsu.edu

  74. Monacan Nation of Tennessee (2007- ) Billy Joe Nuckles, Kingsport TN

  75. "Mother Earth First" (2003) "Help Save Our Mother Earth."
    "Our Group Is Not To Be Confused With The Group Called "Earth First!" - We Are Not Affiliated With That Group !!!!! "
    a name rip-off used by a front group of Carl Whitaker aka "Chief Two Feathers" aka "Carl Two Stories" <ctfechotaayahoo.com>, "Carl Twofeathers" <carltwofeathersahotmail.com>, and introducing "Princess TwoFeathers" <sscott369aaol.com>
    the same guy who brought us the same kind of name-rip-off "Native American Indian Movement" (see below)
    865-454-2804 [unlisted or may be a cell phone] or 865-380-0421 [Diana Hicks, 633 Hepatica Drive, Maryville TN 37804]

  76. Mountain Warrior Trading Company (1997-2001)
    Native American art, crafts, music, books and natural herbal products.
    Watagui Archie Russ, Beaver Clan, Grand River Band, Odawa.
    103 Main Street, New Tazewell TN (615) 626-2770

  77. Muscogee "Creek" Nation Citizens of the Southeast and Tennessee (2007- )
    Melba Checote Eads melbaceads(at)comcast.net, 605 Meadowview Drive, Mt. Juliet TN 37122

  78. Natchez Trace Pow Wow (2003- )
    august . Franklin TN . www.natcheztracepowwow.com April Cantrell (april(a)natcheztracepowwow.com)
    sponsored by the Tennessee Native American Eagle Organization

  79. National Native American Inter-Tribal Association (1996-2003)
    Chief David Two Bears, Martin TN

  80. Native American Church, Inc. (1981-89, 1993- )
    PO Box 53, Strawberry Plains TN 37871 . 865/ 933.1456
    www.NativeAmericanChurch.com . elders
    Jerry Neal Dills aka "Dr. MaCaki PeSheWa" drpeshewa, Darrell Ridenour

  81. Native American Church of The Kituwah Nation (2007- )
    423/ 261-2070, box 84, Coker Creek TN 37314, Tellico Plains TN, www.nack.faithweb.com
    Rev/Dr. Aldea Silvarahawk Rev. Loreen Silvarahawk
    formerly known as the "Native American Church of the Cherokee Nation of Coqua" (2006-07)

  82. Native American Church of Tennessee
    Joseph Reynolds, Chief, 7070 Tagen Drive, Memphis TN 38133, 901/ 382 3964

  83. Native American Church of Pejuta (Peyote) Wakan (1997-2006)
    Judy Creek Reynolds, Memphis TN

  84. Native American Community Partnership of Tennessee / 7th Generation Fund (2000- )
    "a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing social and cultural services to
    American Indian and Indigenous Peoples residing in the middle Tennessee area."
    nacpot(a)webtv.net 615/ 313-7003

  85. Native American Dance Theatre (1998- )
    Mt Juiet TN, Kelly Mayes / www.nativeamericandance.net

  86. Native American Distribution Company, Inc. (2001- )
    Hendersonville TN, Victoria L. Presson

  87. Native American Educational Association of Tennessee (2000- )
    "comprised of Native Americans whose goal is to educate others about Native American culture and history."
    NAEA of TN hometown.aol.com/naeaoftn/myhomepage/index.html   NAEAofTNaaol.com
    Penny Plumlee, President; 1535 Highway 70, Kingston Springs TN 37082   615/ 952 5724, 615/ 871 0940

  88. Native American Heritage Society
    Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), Box 666, Murfreesboro TN 37132

  89. Native American Indian Association of Tennessee NAIA [ 501(c)3 ] (1983- )
    www.naiatn.org, 230 Spence Lane, Nashville TN 37210-3623 . 615. 232.9179 . Ray Emanuel, Sally Wells
    NAIA PowWow . october

  90. Native American Indian Movement / NAIM (2000-03)
    aka National American Indian Movement Carl 'Two Feathers' Whitaker, "Principal Chief" aka "Carl Two Stories" carltwofeathersahotmail.com
    240 Hardin Lane, Sevierville TN 37862, 865/ 908 2441
    Has been asked to not use the "American Indian Movement" name by National AIM and Autonomous AIM but refuses to comply. Has been asked to substantiate his claim to Indian blood but refuses to respond. Is a self-proclaimed 2002 political candidate for governor of Tennessee but refuses to fully and truthfully answer questions from the Native American community about his background. Unknown source of income but bankruptcy debt disappears. Is considered a fraud and a liar by Native Americans outside of his group.

  91. Native American Indians And Descendants, Inc. (1984-86)
    Warren County, R L Wyatt, 103 Franklin Street, McMinnville TN 37110

  92. Native American Indian Media Corporation (1983-1991)
  93. Native American Indians in Media (1983-1991)
    (incorporated in Greeneville SC; registered agent: William A Hotz, Knoxville {see also TN Indian Council})

  94. Native American Intertribal Association, Inc. of Memphis [see also The Far Away Cherokee] [501(c)3] (1984-97)
    Alice Gwin Henry, President "NAIA-Memphis has not existed since 1997 - it was officially dissolved in 1997" 901/373-3885
    Helen Wagner, Board member 901/ 382-0722
    Memphis N.A.I.A., PO Box 11473, Memphis TN 38111-0473
    memphisnaia.homestead.com/memphis1.html / reddwingg1

  95. Native American Intertribal Council of Middle Tennessee (2001- )
    naic_tn(at)yahoo.com / Pow Wow in Dover TN: April 30 - May 1

  96. Native American Land Trust of Tennessee (2002- )
    Hermitage TN, Patrick B Cummins, Executive Director
    "established to return ancestral land to the Native American people of Tennessee."

  97. Native American Mortgage Corporation (2001- )
    For Profit, 5401 Vogel Road #910, Evansville IN 47715-7840
    Capital Filing Service, Inc., 7176 Forrest Oaks Drive, Nashville TN 37221

  98. Native American Reserve Force (NARF), Hamilton County Sheriff's Department (1995-2006)
    Officer Lynn Triplett, NARF dispatch 423/ 209 7100
    Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, 600 Market Street, Chattanooga TN 37402

  99. Native American Services of Tennessee - NAST naservices.org - "a 501(c)3 Public Charity" (march 2007-current)
    213 South St Marks Avenue, Chattanooga TN 37411; Tammera Hicks (Chattanooga), registered agent,
    Harley Grant (Chattanooga), Cubert Bell Sr (Memphis), Shelley Allen (Memphis)
    in 2008 sponsored a small enclosed "Pow Wow on the River" in Chattanooga;
    co-sponsor 2010 Red Clay State Park Pow Wow

    historical & genealogical evidence demonstrates that Hicks is not a descendant of any Cherokee chief Hicks as she claims, and illegally obtained Tennessee state recognition as Native American Indian without evidence of descendancy and after state recogntion of individuals had been terminated. in retaliation Hicks filed a $750,000 libel lawsuit (SLAPP) against kunesh in 2009, which was dismissed in 2011 for lack of action.
    Hicks also was the chair of the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs in 2010 when she led the Commission to violate state meeting-notice law and state law when it illegally approved 6 of the state's most bogus culture clubs for recognition as Native American Indian tribes in Tennessee. (info at www.tncia.org)

  100. Native American Turtle Clan Association (2006- )
    Bert Dallas Cox Jr, 207 Hillbilly Hollow Road, Crossville TN 38555
    931/261-6106 - bertcox@hotmail.com / 1st powwow in Crossville - 2007
    Mary Cox-Pluff, chairman 2008 / red71wolf(at)yahoo.com / m 931.787.0744

  101. Native Cultural Circle (1997- )
    Box 549, Clarksville TN 37140, David G. Baker, 3542 Hwy 149, Palmyra TN 37142
    www.Nccircle.org/home.htm . nccircle(at)aol.com
    Annual Clarksville TN Area Intertribal Powwow, Ingrid Baker 931-326-5837, Doug 'Red' Kirby 931-387-4538

  102. Native Life Center / Native Lifeways Inc. (2002)
    (see also The Traditional Native Survival & Cultural Center)
    Archie Russ, New Tazewell TN 423/ 626 6351

  103. Native Lifeways Inc.

  104. Native Nashville, Inc   www.nativenashville.com (2000- ) [last news update: 3-12-2005]
    website, TN news, message board, ... Toye Heape, President, toyeh, kahnanesgi
    1315 Cheatham Dam Road, Ashland City TN 37015, 615/ 792 4378

  105. Native Spirit News (may 2001- ) Cherokee Mangus, editor (cherokeemangus{at}juno.com)
    "the only [Indian] newspaper in Tennessee since the Cherokee Nation's "Cherokee Phoenix" newspaper business 1828." 615. 889.9636

  106. nativestudy.com (2001- )
    Jeffery Bowen, PO Box 908, Hixson TN 37343

  107. Organization of Native Americans at TVA / ONA-TVA (inactive as of 1997)
    1301 Market Street Chattanooga TN, 423/ 751 0011
    Terry McIntosh twmcintosh

  108. Original Cherokee Nation
    Dale F. Cook Sr, 'Chief', po box 9808, Chattanooga TN 37412
    2 East Gordon Avenue, Rossville GA, 706/ 858 0247 / 842 2823

  109. Over-Hill Indian Nation - Cherokee Descendants (1990- )
    Man Many Trees, Principal Chief, aka Lee Roy Gibson, Englewood/Tellico Plains,
    many_trees, redguys, jade
    Box 427, Englewood TN 37329, 423/ 253 6468, 243 3490, 295 2630

  110. Red Clay Inter-tribal Indian Band, Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Inc.
    c/o Mr. John F. Neikirk (615) 238-9346
    7703 Georgetown Road, Ooltewah TN 37363
    Letter of Intent to Petition 03/09/1978
    Declined to Acknowledge 11/25/1985 50 FR 39047
    Denied acknowledgment through 25 CFR 83 - 15

  111. RedHawk Singers

  112. Red Path Intertribal Group
    Leonard "Spotted Eagle" Zunk, Rhea County (East TN)

  113. The Red Road: An American Indian Educational Experience (1999- )
    www.theredroad.org Charles Robinson
    The Red Road, P.O. Box 1565, Franklin TN 37065 (615) 595-5706
    - to educate students on the ways of First Nations people by allowing children to see the world through the eyes of Native Americans, and 2. to open the eyes and hearts of all people, Native and non-Native, that they may recognize the value in First Nations people and to see them as God sees them.

  114. Red Stick Confederacy (1997-1999)
    Gerry & Cathy Bogan, Franklin TN

  115. Remnant Yuchi Nation (2007- )
    Chief Lee Vest, Kingsport - leevest022@yahoo.com, 423/ 323-0327
    (see also "Appalachian Confederated Tribes")
    culture club, fake tribe, fraudulently recognized by the TCIA 19june2010.
    fictional. not Yuchi, not Native American Indian, not a tribe, not a nation.

  116. R.E.T.U.R.N. - Repatriation Efforts of Tribes of United Removed Nations (1999- )
    Corky Allen, 1055 Hillcrest Road, Chattanooga TN 37343, 423/ 842 7960

  117. Sacred Little Cedar Mountain Defense Coalition* SLCMDC
    www.chatt.net/cita/slcmdc / slcmdc

  118. Save the Original Red Man (1993-2006- )
    Allen Hartford, 500 Sliger Road, lot 25, Cookeville TN 38506; Bruce Hartford, president 931-528-7392, icusastorm1(at)frontiernet.net
    www.savetheoriginalredman.com / shop.savetheoriginalredman.com : we want to be abel to build better homes and better school's and better medcel help and we want to help wipe out the drugs use that are killing our young teenagers and try wipe the use of wiskey and so many other things,I would like yo see that the death rate of our young people come to halt,just think of how good it would be for these people when we are abel to give them food and clothing and anice dry home to live in and to help with jobs.I am asking for your donation's to help with this quest.if you want to make a donation click on the link at the top shop.

  119. Sequoyah Birthplace Museum (Eastern Band of Cherokee)
    P.O. Box 69, Citico Road, Vonore TN 37885 (423) 884-6246 . www.sequoyahmuseum.org

  120. Smokey Mountain Native American Indian Alliance (2002- )
    C. Windwalker cwindwalker212aaol.com
    (formerly known as the Native American Indian Movement ? - see NAIM group listed above.)
    "we are a new org. that was just formed 2 months ago.There is six native groups joined togather to form this Alliance." - July 4, 2002

  121. South Eastern Anti-desecration League SEAL
    "Stand in unity and fight against grave desecration"
    www.angelfire.com/tn2/inada/seal/ / s_eal
    Mike Sims

  122. Southeast Muscogee (Creek) Nation

  123. Southeastern Forgotten Native American Descendants (2002- )
    James Potter, 5756 Grasshopper Road, Birchwood TN 37308

  124. Southeastern Native American Alliance International SENAA (1995- )
    www.senaa.org / senaa, senaa, Al Swilling, founder
    Thomas Swilling, 2324 Georgetown Road NW, No. 602 Cleveland TN 37311-1268, 423/ 614 7821, 423/ 479 2627
    no longer in Cleveland TN

  125. SouthEastern InterTribal Federation

  126. Stone Mountain Metis Indian Nation (2001-2)
    "have declared ourselves to be a sovereign nation within a host country, occupying approximately 102 acres of the area known as Stone Mountain, near Rogersville, Tennessee. We will keep the rolls open to those who would have an interest in applying for citizenship. More information is at the following site: www.home.earthlink.net/~gtwohearts" [nothing there as of october 2002]
    Gerald Twohearts gtwoheartsaearthlink.net Fri, 9 Nov 2001
    not metis, not Native American Indian, not a nation.

  127. Sugar Creek Band / Cherokees of Lawrence County TN
    was "www.sugarcreekband.org" - registration has lapsed / Southeastern Cherokee Council - secci.com
    Joe 'Sitting Owl' White
    Chief Charles GREAT HAWK Brown, 2371 Hwy 43 S, Leoma TN 38468, (931) 852-4706 rathbone8776-loretto.net
    Leoma / Lawrenceburg TN

  128. Tanasi Council of the Far Away Cherokee (2008- )
    tribal group of TN Cherokees born & raised in TN, Lee Yambree, "tribal leader"
    to be confused with the Faraway Cherokee Native American Inter-Tribal Association Inc. (NAIA-Memphis) (1984-97) aka Faraway Cherokee of Memphis (2008- )
    PO Box 11473, Memphis TN 38111 / farawaycherokee@bellsouth.net
    president Alice Henry, 2811 Ravenwood Drive, Bartlett 38134
    "established in 1983 by the Cherokee Nation (Eastern and Western Bands) and is the oldest Native American Association in the state of Tennessee." ... simply a 501(c)3 business entity (29mar08)
    Tanasi Council (2010- ) [note: "Cherokee" dropped from name]
    "Chief" Alice Gwin Henry, 2811 Ravenwood Drive, Memphis TN 38134
    fake tribe, fraudulently recognized by the TCIA 19june2010.
    a culture club; not a band, not a tribe.

  129. Tanasi Journal (hardcopy: fall 2005; online: spring 2007 - ) www.tanasijournal.com
    "the Southeast's only regional Indian newspaper" a project of:
    Wisdom Keepers, Inc. Knoxville, Publishers (see below), Val Ohle, Acting Editor

  130. Tanasi Ma'tera' Indigeneous Circle (2000-02)
    Third Annual Honor The Ancestors Festival July 8 & 9, 2000
    "The circle is made up of individuals from the Alliance as well as other Native organizations and its sole purpose is to raise money to pay the attorneys involved with the court cases in Davidson & Williamson Counties."
    President April Weller, PO Box 271264, Nashville TN 37227-1264, 615-365-9044, april-weller

  131. Tanasi Native American Group (1988-1993)
    aka Native American Center of East Tennessee, Inc., John Martin, Knoxville

  132. Tanasi Thunder Singers (2004- ), Nashville area
    Little Corn, drum

  133. TeeHahNahMah Nation (Tihanama) (2000- )
    "People of the Eighth Arrow" / "a small sovereign Woodlands tribe in Rockwood TN"
    www.angelfire.com/band/teehahnahmah / tehahnahmah
    Chief Two White Feathers 2whitefeathers.freeyellow.com - whitefeathersamailexcite.com
    fictional. not a nation, not a tribe

  134. Tennessee American Indian Community (TNAIC) Yahoo Online Group
    groups.yahoo.com/group/TNAIC/ (July 2006/June 2007 - September 2008)
    moderator: James Meeks, Chikamaka Cherokee
    This is an email group for The Tennessee American Indian Community. It is for the dispersal of information, planning, announcements and just items of general interest to the American Indian population of Tennessee. This email group is developed for those who "Care a Wit" for the Indigenous Tennessee American Indians as well as for the Sacred Places in Tennessee. This email group is developed for those American Indians who have made Tennessee home and "Care a Wit" for the on going economic, social and cultural development of their families here in Tennessee as well as the Indigenous Tennessee American Indians.

  135. Tennessee American Indian Migrations (2007- ) www.tnaim.org
    The Origins & History of American Indians in Tennessee / A Project of the Tennessee American Indian Community
    purpose: to document the history of American Indians in Tennessee.

  136. Tennessee American Indian Movement (TN AIM [Autonomous]) (1996-98)
    Middle TN Support Group www.fortunecity.com/greenfield/porton/73/aim.html / tnaim
    Mike Sims, Chairman, 1595 Skaggs Branch Road, Whitleyville TN 38588, 931/ 621 3361

  137. Tennessee Ancient Sites Conservancy (2001- ) Yahoo group / webpage
    Mark Tolley, president h 615. 298.4347, mobile 615.300.0814
    4013 Wallace Lane, Nashville TN 37215 Mack Pritchard, Albert Bender

  138. Tennessee Archaeological Advisory Council (1970- )
    (not meeting due to state budget problems)
    (last Council meeting was in January 2001; several vacant positions and
    low attendance by some council members, has not accomplished a great
    deal over the past year or so. attempted to schedule a meeting in July
    2001, but had to cancel due to the state freeze on travel.)

  139. Tennessee Archaeological Trust (2001-2006)
    Maury E. Miller III, 208 Bellwood Circle, Dickson TN 37055, (615) 446-7855

  140. Tennessee Archaeology Net*

  141. Tennessee Autonomous American Indian Movement (February 2004-2006)
    aka Tennessee AIM, Tennessee Chapter of the Autonomous American Indian Movement
    Teri Rhoades Ellenwood, Knoxville; Lawrence Sampson, www.setaim.com Knoxville; Ron 'Two Dogs' Williams, Chattanooga;Jimmy Reedy, McMinnville

  142. Tennessee Band Cherokees, Inc. / Earth Clan (1997-2003)
    Charles Grayfox, L. Jean Vaughn CEO 615/ 781 0761 bigcove12
    607 Ashmont Court, Nashville TN 37211
    Olinda J. Howell, 2103 Park Village Court, Fairview TN 37062
    L Jean Vaughn, Chief Executive Officer, 117 Pond Rail Road, Dickson TN 37055

  143. Tennessee Band of Cherokee (ca. 1999; same as above?)
    Eugene Hagar, Audrey Little, Knoxville

  144. Tennessee Band of Eastern Cherokee
    Conosauga, Indian Land, Polk County, Tennessee
    John Eaglespirit Campbell, "principal chief" camjhneglspaaol.com
    2716 Holbrook Dr., Apt. 4A, Knoxville TN 37918 . 865-687-4753
    Fountain City in Knox County, sub-charter from the Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee . article

    not a band, not a tribe

  145. Tennessee Chapter of the Autonomous American Indian Movement tnaim.org (june 2004 - november 2005)
    tnaim@tnaim.org, "a registered Leonard Peltier Support Group", no public activity, 9 secret members (july 2004) including Lawrence Sampson aka ndnadonis, Dickson; Valerie Brestel-Ohle, Knoxville; Teri Rhoades-Ellenwood, Knoxville; Ron 'Two Dogs' Williams, Chattanooga; ...
    "tnaim.org, tnaim.com, and tnaim.net are owned and maintained by members of Tennessee AIM and their supporters. Not affiliated in any way with National AIM aka Grand Governing Council of AIM or the Bellecourts."

  146. Tennessee Chapter of the National Coalition for the Preservation of Indigenous Cultures (2000-05)
    www.aistm.org/tn.resolution.htm Sandra Deacon RN, M.Ed. / Pocumtuck Proper, Director
    635 Mayberry Road, Jonesborough TN 37659, 423-913-1764 23-913-1765 - FAX

  147. Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs (2003-2010)
    former official website: www.state.tn.us/environment/tcia/
    purpose: to represent the Native American community interests in and to the State of Tennessee.
    chair: Evangeline Lynch (2006-8)
    run into the ground by "the frauds of 19 June 2010".
    proposed/acting Tennessee Commission of Indian AffairsProposed TNCIA (2001-2003) www.tncia.org begun november 2001 (elected by 2001 TNNAConvention)
    chairperson: Teri Rhoades Ellenwood; terminated with appointment of state Commissioners of Indian Affairs in november 2003

    "Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs (AKA - TCIA, TNCIA)"
    000555123: Corporation Non-Profit - Formed 08/01/2007 in Lawrence County
    Registered Agent: White, Joe Harlan, #1 Public Square, Lawrenceburg TN 38464-3331

    (old url / TCIA (1983-2000) Toye Heape, Executive Director (1998-2001)
    [last two commissioners' terms expired in june 2001. Commission legally sundowned, "wind-down" phase stopped, governor line-item vetoed the TCIA budget, "effectively eliminating the position" and the office closed. 12 july 2001 / Executive Director offered to continue working without pay but was told that would not be legal / new reform legislation pending. article.]

    unofficial website: www.tncia.org (2001- ), tom kunesh - "info on the TN Commission of Indian Affairs"
    "a hitchhiker's guide to the TN Commission of Indian Affairs"

  148. Tennessee Council of Native Americans (TCNA) (2004-2005)
    /tncna/ TCNA Powwow, Sweetwater (East Tennessee) 12-13 june 2004
    Chairman, Johnny 'Carries Canoe' Smith 423. 337.5754, carriesconoe(at)aol.com, Sweetwater TN
    Jack "Soco" Cody, Co-Chair & Spiritual Leader, Loudon TN, 865. 717.3796, snugbull(at)aol.com, Kingston TN

  149. Tennessee Descendents of Native Americans (TennDNA) (dec 2004-2005)
    an Educational Group
    Doug 'Pathfinder' Stakelystakelyd@aol.com 865-717-8239 Jack 'Soco' Cody: snugbull.1@netzero.net and snugbull@aol.com

  150. Tennessee Indian Affairs Advisory Council (2002- )
    name changed to "Advisory Council on Tennessee Indian Affairs" (2004)
    supporters of the TN Native American Convention democratic process and the proposed TN Commission of Indian Affairs (before the legislature as HB1617 [june 2002]). co-chairpersons 2002: Teri Ellenwood, chairperson of the Commissioners-elect, Knoxville, and tom kunesh, chairperson of the nominees, Chattanooga. Ellenwood later resigned. New chairperson elected october 2004: Edna Fay

  151. Tennessee Indian Affairs (tn-ind) mailing list (1998 - ) 154 members as of 15feb04
    members only; admin: tn-ind News, information & discussion of Native Americans in Tennessee via email

  152. Tennessee Indian Council, Inc. (1976-1991)
    incorporated in Nashville, sponsored the creation of the first state Commission of Indian Affairs
    Fritz Niggeler, president, Nashville; William A Hotz, attorney, Knoxville

  153. Tennessee Indian Council Fire Yahoo! group (Jan 22, 2004-2006)
    "Members Only", members: 19/15feb04, 46/15jul04, 52/15aug04; owner: Amisa Smith aka Amisa Yellowbird, Wittmann, Arizona
    to provide an action-based focus group for people of Native American Indian descent living within the state of Tennessee or having blood ties to people who have historically and continuing into the present, inhabitated the land that is known as Tennessee. Any other Native American Indian person from any other area is also welcome to join this group.
    also "Connecting The Circle" web message board (january 2005 - june 2006), Tennessee Indians - The People's Voice (june 2006 - 2007)
    feel the hate: All NDNZ message board, 30 march 2008 "Getting the Heck out of here!"

  154. Tennessee Indian Education Association
    Nashville TN - see Native American Education Association of Tennessee

  155. Tennessee Indian Heritage Council (1999-2002)
    name changed in 2002 to "TN-One Spirit Band of the SECCI" (2002-2004)
    Jack 'Medicine Bear' Ready, Band Chief, Knoxville TN 37938 865-925-0813

  156. Issues Affecting American Indians in Tennessee message board (october 2002- )
    sharing and discussing any and all issues that directly or indirectly pertain to American Indians in the State of Tennessee
    owner: Donna Smith / was "Tennessee Indian Issues", at disc.server.com/Indices/199489.html

  157. Tennessee Indian People's Issues - an anonymous hate messageboard (may 2008 - nov 2012)
    Strictly For Tennessee Indians and Their Supporters. "Tennessee Indians" is a codeword for descendants of Native American Indians born in Tennessee with no current tribal affiliation, who want recognition individually as generic Indians from the State of Tennessee or through the recognition of existing culture clubs as new state-based tribes. see info on HB3299. in 2008 it has become the primary source of anonymous hate-mail directed at the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs, esp. Chattanooga-area commissioner tom kunesh.
    owner: Tammera Hicks, Chattanooga / disc.yourwebapps.com/Indices/241180.html

  158. Tennessee Indians - The People's Voice - an anonymous hate messageboard (2006- )
    Amisa Yellowbird, Wittmann, Arizona, aka Kelly Michelle Smith aka Kelly Michelle Wiley Begay Gomez Smith aka redbirdwiley
    in 2007 became the primary source of anonymous hate-mail directed at the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs
    name changed to All NDNZ, 30 march 2008 "Getting the Heck out of here!"

  159. Tennessee Indian Voters League (1978)

  160. Tennessee Native American Convention (2001- ) www.tnnac.org
    "The Convention shall select persons to be presented to the Speaker of the Senate and the Speaker of the House as nominees to the Commission [of Indian Affairs]. The Convention shall also collate and prioritize the issues, goals and objectives of greatest significance to Native Americans in Tennessee." TNNAC also organizes the seven area caucuses around the state that select the Indian Commission nominees and the local delegates to the convention. - www.tnnac.org/TNNAC-law.html
    last caucuses & Convention: 2009

  161. Tennessee Native American Eagle Organization (1998- )
    (sponsors the Natchez Trace Pow Wow) hosts the annual Tennessee Native American Eagle Awards
    Shelia Jones (tsilajones@aol.com)

  162. Tennessee Native American Indian Council (1991- )
    Chief Bullmoose Speed/Steve Danny Speed, Chief Executive Officer, Maryville TN; Leonard Tracking Bear, President, Box 504, Clinton TN 37717

  163. Tennessee Native Times (TNT) (april 2008- )
    "news and information concerning American Indian issues in Tennessee", including state tribal recognition.
    Ramona & Glen Reece, Clarksville / www.tntimes.net

  164. Tennessee Native Tribes Political Action Committee - TNT PAC (july-october 2007) www.tntpac.org
    It has ONE goal: recognition of tribes, organizations and individuals in Tennessee.
    founders: chairman Lee Vest, "Remnant Yuchi Nation", Kingsport TN; executive director Herstle Cross aka Red Wandering Fox, "United Eastern Lenape Nation, Middle Division Inc", Knoxville TN; or Bonnie Knuckles aka Chief Calmwaters, "United Eastern Lenape Nation, Middle Division Inc", of Corbin KY; James Meeks, "Chikamaka-Cherokee of the South Cumberland Plateau Region, Inc."
    Google group: groups.google.com/group/TNTPAC/ first newsletter (pdf, 800k): August 2007

    not tribes

  165. Tennessee Native Veterans Society (2002- )
    448 Deepwater Road, Crossville TN 38571 - John & Pam Hedgecoth 931. 277.5452

  166. Tennessee Pow Wow and Cultural Exposition Inc. (1994-96)
    207A Clearview Drive, Lebanon TN 37287 / Geraldine Mouse, Mt Juliet

  167. Tennessee River Band of Chickamauga Cherokee TRBCC (1992-97)
    "a registered Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation"
    www.angelfire.com/tn/trbccscn/ / webmasteraagiwodiweb.com, dqbrown1acomcast.net
    'Chief' David 'Ahwi' & Cathy Brown, Running Water Outpost, 9001 Bill Reed Road #6, Ooltewah TN 37363, 423/ 855 2801

  168. tnnacal - TN Native American Calendar (?) (nov.2004)

  169. tntraditionals - TN Traditionals Yahoo! group (24 oct 2004-may 2005)
    "Members Only", 39 members as of 15nov04
    public web message board / anonymous ownership, presumed owned by Valerie Brestel-Ohle, Chairman, Acting CEO of Wisdom Keepers, Inc.
    "TN Traditionals original intent is to give a discussion venue to THOSE NATIVE PEOPLE WHO ARE TENNESSEE RESIDENTS and who prefer a return of more tradition to our governance, our interaction with each other, and our communities, and to create a place where those who have yet to learn those traditions can network with those who do understand those traditions."

  170. Tohcahe Band (1997-1998)
    David 'Medicine Hawk' Walker, 'Principal Chief', 423/ 842 9956; White Wolf Guardian Spirit whitewolfgs, Chattanooga
    a Lakota word for a non-lakota group

  171. TP4TNNDNS - Traditional People for TN NDNs Yahoo! group (27 nov/16 dec 2003 - 24 oct 2004)
    "Members Only", 36 members as of 15feb04, 35 as of 15jul04
    public web message board / anonymous ownership, presumed owned by Valerie Brestel-Ohle, Chairman, Acting CEO of Wisdom Keepers, Inc., with Lawrence Sampson
    "This list has been created as an alternative forum for bringing to light, discussing, analyzing, and suggesting resolutions for issues concerning American Indian people living in Tennessee, and for posting relevant information about events and activities across Tennessee or of other interest to the American Indian community in Tennessee.
    Membership in this list is completely unrestricted and open to the general public. "

    "this is an E-MAIL DISCUSSION GROUP - not a club or any other type of organization, not a private list, and not anything that would warrant the tracking of the total number of members. The only thing that the number of members indicates on this list is the number of people who elect to receive postings from it via e-mail.
    We reject the false assumptions and purposefully erroneous information presented by the inaccurate listings at the above mentioned site. [ie, this site]
    Sun Oct 24, 2004 7:01 am
    Subject: [tntraditionals] TP4TNNDNS group name/addresses have changed
    The moderator of the TP4TNNDNS group has changed the group's name.
    This means that both the group's email address and the group home page location have changed.
    The group email address: tntraditionals@yahoogroups.com
    The group home page location: groups.yahoo.com/group/tntraditionals/
    see tntraditionals · TN Traditionals

  172. Traditional Native Survival & Cultural Center Inc. (1997-2009)
    located in the mountains of North-East Tennessee on 32-acres of land. We are affiliated with Native Lifeways Inc., which is a Native American Foundation in New York state. .... works to re-introduce the teachings of the survival of our Native heritage to native people, and to promote cultural training of social communications, spiritual revitalization, and cultural education.
    PO Box 929, New Tazewell TN 37824 / 37825, (423) 526-5778 www.tsolagiu.com www.traditionalnativesurvivalandculturalcenter.com
    Tsolagiu M.A. Ruiz Razo, Wolf Clan of the Cherokee People of Missouri, aka Toni, & Rahkeh - Rahkweesheh Miller (Tuscarora)

  173. Traditional People for TN NDNs -- see TN Traditionals (above)

  174. Trail of Tears Association, Tennessee Chapter
    "to promote the protection and preservation of the Trail of Tears National historic Trail"
    www.tntota.net Lee Trevino, Sewanee TN tandt-tnns.net

  175. AL-TN Trail of Tears Corridor Association, Inc.
    sponsors an annual motorcycle ride in september, the Alabama-Tennessee Trail of Tears Commemorative Ride, to honor those lost along the Trail of Tears. All proceeds from the ride go to mark the route in Tennessee and Alabama and also towards a university scholarship fund.
    www.al-tn-trailoftears.org Huntsville AL: President/Road Captain Terry Sweet (256) 880-5842 terrysahiwaay.net
    Press Director Jerry Davis (256) 259-2509 jddavis
    Tennessee: Vice President/Ride Leader and Originator Bill Cason (423) 658-5937

  176. Tsalagi Intertribal Warrior Society

  177. Turkeytown Association of the Cherokee (ca. 1991)
    Patricia Neely, Nashville

  178. Turtle Island Native American Association (2005- )
    William Hal Colston, Millington TN

  179. UCAN Veterans Society Honor Guard (UCAN = United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation)
    Daniel Owltalker Green, Commander, Cleveland TN (423) 339-3542
    ... a group of American Indian Veterans, of the Viet Nam and Gulf Wars, or have served honorably during these conflicts. ... The Honor Guard posts the Colors at Tribal functions including the Annual UCAN Pow Wow. They have also been the featured presenters at the John Ross Festival in Rossville GA.

  180. United Eastern Lenape Nation, Middle Division Inc (1983-2007)
    aka Upper Cumberland Cherokee (2008- ), also
    formerly known as the Cherokee of the Upper Cumberland (Herstle Cross, Knoxville) (2006- )
    Rt. 1 Box 22, Winfield TN 37892, 423/ 569 4960 UELN website
    "chief" Bonnie Knuckles aka Chief Calmwaters of Corbin, Kentucky 2006-
    recognized by the state Commission of Indian Affairs in 1983 as an "Indian-related organization".
    [Harold Marcum (Mark Little Bear), chief, Winfield TN; Donna 'Laughing Fawn' Marcum, Chief]
    culture club, fake tribe, fraudulently recognized by the TCIA 19june2010.
    not Native American Indian, not a tribe.

  181. United South and Eastern Tribes USET (1969- )
    www.usetinc.org / uset in Nashville since 1975
    711 Stewarts Ferry Pike, Suite 100, Nashville TN 37214 615/ 872 7900

    representatives of legitimate historic tribes

  182. Weldwood Intertribal Native American "Old Society" (2009-11)
    "Chief" Lewis Randall Moore, PO Box 74, Mountain City TN 37683
    423 418 0900 . wolfwillow7@yahoo.com . meets saturdays 11am-6pm in Damscus VA
    "Weldwood, a Priestly and Matriarchal Order of the Old Society teaches and demonstrates Heritage and Cultural Ways."
    Chief Priest, Red War Chief, Fire Priest - all men. "Chief" uses a shofar (jewish ram horn to blow), sing tribal worship songs with guitar, ... wear headdresses and bizarre painted masks

  183. Western Band of the Monacan Indian Nation, Johnson City TN (2010) Billy Nuckles (member, Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia), 1308 Kingsview Road, Kingsport TN

  184. Western Cherokee, Tennessee (2004- )
    Lee Overturf, 208 Country Meadows Lane, Atoka (Tipton County) TN 38004; Kenneth Household 'Tall Eagle'
    not the same as the Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri, once at the same address.

  185. White Oak Chapter, Urban and Rural Indian Coalition (ca. 1990)
    Christine McKillop, director, Duff TN

  186. Wisdom Keepers, Inc. (1998-2010)
    an educational organization whose purpose is to create culturally and historically accurate programs, resources and activities for K-12 students and their parents, educators, and youth group leaders that are relevant to indigenous cultures from around the world. Current projects focus on cultures indigenous to North America, but is not affiliated with any specific ethnic group or culture.
    www.wisdomkeepers.org Valerie Brestel-Ohle, Chairman, Exec. Director aka nagi
    PO Box 20665, Knoxville TN 37940, (865) 609-0574

  187. Woodland Band of Cherokee Indians of Tennessee (2010- ) wbci.org [website defunct 2012]
    Heritage Fair, Benton, Tennessee [gone] • website moved to facebook.com - TheWoodlandBandOfCherokeeIndians "We are currently working in Federal Recognition having history documented since 1840 and before to modern times we never left our homeland we remain." - claims to have been founded 25 November 1838 / joined facebook 25 november 2011 / "numbers 15,268 at present" (2011)
    for a sense of where they come from ideologically: The Woodland Band of Cherokee Indians / 7 de noviembre de 2012 / "The presidential Election was very rigged and now we prepare to survive as our ancestor did the hard times ahead."
    "Principal Chief"/"Uku" mark.nightwolf [webpage gone 23 march 2013, the day after i posted the link here]
    Mark Brown aka Night Wolf, Knoxville TN; Mary E McLeroy aka Morning Song, Reliance TN; Pam Rathbone, Cleveland TN
    "People are hungry for knowledge and want to learn the old ways so they can honor their ancestors, their grandfathers and grandmothers who had to live out their lives in hiding and were unable to hold their head up and be proud of who they were."
    associated with "Save the Original Red Man" (above)

    2:22 minute phone message rec'd 22 march 2013 @ 08:55 from "Mark NightWolf"
    865 323 7759 (Knoxville) [sounds like he's reading from notes]

    "Osiyo osta xxxxx ... tom.
    My name is Mark NightWolf. I am calling you as ... brought to my attention about a list called the Tennessee Native American Indian & related organizations.
    It's fixed to us as a cultural identity theft,
    I am principal chief of - uku of the Woodland Band of Cherokee.
    We have been in existence in the state documented since 1840.
    I am CDIB Cherokee, most of my people are all CDIB Cherokee, unlike yourself. I've done my homework, my brother.
    I'm getting ready to take charges out on your ass unless you remove us from this list and formally consider this your warning before you receive the litigation in 6th District Court here of Knoxville TN.
    I called your reservation your mom's supposed to be from - they have no knowledge of her, they have no knowledge of you, and as far as i have discovered, you are fraudulent, my brother.
    Let me make it very clear: if you do not remove us from said list, I will litigate your ass until you wished to God you had done what's right.
    We've had everything from federal recognition. We've never sought state recognition. We're not about money. We're the real deal.
    So when a fraud like you points your finger at us, telling us we're fraudulent, I have a real serious issue with that.
    I'm getting ready to move to Athens, Tennessee, I'll be real close to you. I'd like to look you up.
    I'm very pissed off. You're more than welcome to call me - my cell number 865 771 3575.
    Now I wonder if the people in Chattanooga know you're a fraud. I've done my homework about your credentials, about your mom's tribe, and about your so-called native ancestry. People didn't think about the one calling wolf the loudest might be the fraud, and that'd be you, my friend.
    So unless you want to prove me wrong, feel free to call me back.
    If you don't remove me from the list, I'm going to sue you back.
    It's good you got a nice job, you can afford to pay for your litigation.
    Thank you."

    response: i look forward to reading your legal complaint.

fyi: 25 CFR Part 83: Procedures For Establishing That An American Indian Group Exists As An Indian Tribe: http://www.doi.gov/bia/bar/acknowl.htm

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