progressive loss of indian land
Chickamauga Mound
Citico Mound
Moccasin Bend mounds
Moccasin Bend
The Passage
MOU between Chattanooga & CNO 2006
Little Cedar Mountain
Crazy Horse Malt Liquor -2001
UTC Mascot -1996
TN Prayer Day for Sacred Sites 2011 june 19
TN Native American Day 1996
HCSD Native American Reserve Force NARF
Chattanooga Indigenous Resource Center & Library CIRCL
Local history & genealogy
state Native American research
sacred sites

Tennessee State
Native American related organizations in TN
Advisory Council on Tennessee Indian Affairs ACTIA
TN Commission of Indian Affairs defunct
hitchhiker's guide to the TNCIA
TN Native American Convention
old TN Commission of Indian Affairs
TN Archaeology Advisory Council
TCIA Reform Proposal
TN Indian Affairs mailing list
Native American Indian Association of Tennessee NAIA
TIPS Newsletter
area NA & enviro orgs
Native American businesses in TN
NA places to visit in TN
GA Council on American Indian Concerns

TN Archaeology Net
TN Archaeology: In the News
Archaeology & the Native Peoples of Tennessee
TN Division of Archaeology
TN Archaeology Advisory Council

2006 MOU between Chattanooga & CNO
Last Resolution of the Cherokee Nation 1838
Eastern Band of Cherokee
The Eastern Band
EBC Tribal Membership
"Real Indians"
Museum of the Cherokee, NC
Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
Cherokee National Historical Society
United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians
Tsalagiyi Nvdagi: Texas Cherokees
Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory

Save Little Cedar Mountain! SLCMDC Save Moccasin Bend uktena

Chattanooga InterTribal Association (CITA)
209 Morningside Drive, Chattanooga TN 37404
information: 423. 781.0197
cita(at) (defunct)
try tom (at)

recognized by the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs
as a Native American Indian organization since 1994

Tennessee Archaeology Statutes
TN Native Amerian Indian Cemetery Removal & Reburial
Archaeologist Qualifications
TN Procedures for Removal of Human Remains
TN Burial Relocation Process
Termination of Land Use as Cemetery
State Lands Acquisition Fund
Tennessee Government/General Assembly

NativeNet WWW home page
List of Tribes and tribal organizations
United South and Eastern Tribes home page
Bureau of Indian Affairs
old BIA info on ancestry, genealogy, etc.
United States Code 25: Indians - all the U.S. federal laws

National Congress of American Indians
American Indian Religious Freedom Act
Executive Order 13007 (Clinton)
Executive Order 11593 (Nixon)
Archaeological Resources Protection Act 1979
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
Federal Laws & Archaeology: Summary
USDA Compilation of State Repatriation, Reburial & Grave Protection Laws
TN Valley Authority Act 1933
BIA List of Petitioners for tribal status
by State 1998
American Indian Ritual Object
Repatriation Foundation

Indigenous Environmental Network

Other Places to Ramble:
Mitochondrial DNA vs. the Bering Strait theory
White Rules for Indians from Lakota Woman
inspiration from Momaday
Covarrubias' 1954 Map of American Culture Areas showing Mexican MIssissippian diffusion (810k.pdf)

on proposed state recognition amendments 2000
"ancient Indian messageboard"
Carl '2 Stories' Whitaker fraud
Yahoo Falls 1810 'Massacre' fraud

next 2005 meeting:
(we haven't gotten together for quite a while)
e for location

Moccasin Bend - sketch

Alexie Sherman's book, Indian Killer book
Peter Matthiessen's book, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

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